• Impact Stories|July 2024|

    Lauren stated, “Though I was questioning myself for the longest time, when I came here, I have felt my stress and anxieties lift as I continue to be here.”

  • Impact Stories|June 2024|

    Like many boys who come to BRT, Zane hesitated at first to trust the people around him. “I think the biggest adjustment was trusting my houseparents.”

  • Impact Stories|May 2024|

    Sarah is a spunky 13-year-old girl who lives at Baptist Home for Girls (BHG). She loves coffee, playing clarinet and expressing her emotions through art.

  • Impact Stories|April 2024|

    Melody completed the OKC Campus’ program with her daughter in 2016, but since then, found herself in a verbally abusive relationship that left her wounded.

  • Impact Stories|July 2023|

    “I used to be really shy, but now I am confident and can talk to anyone. I think my faith has helped me to push past my fears and not let them bother me anymore.”

  • Impact Stories|June 2023|

    Dylan and Matthew are twin brothers who did not arrive at BRT at the same time. “It did not take us long to adjust to being back together again.”

  • Impact Stories|May 2023|

    “We have devotions, we go to church, we do activities, we do life together. Sometimes the kids we serve have never seen what a healthy family unit looks like.”

  • Impact Stories|April 2023|

    Bekah confided to the nurse her grandmother told her not to look at any literature, watch any videos or the ultrasound screen, nor accept any pictures of the baby.

  • Impact Stories|March 2023|

    “I cannot thank the OKC campus enough for the impact it has had on me. The people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve been given just reflect the goodness of God to me.”

  • Impact Stories|February 2023|

    "I think being here is a second chance at life. I have a lot of opportunities here that I did not expect. This is a new beginning for me, and I am excited to see where it leads."

  • Impact Stories|January 2023|

    “The boys I work with are not objects. They are not just pieces of paper I shred once they leave. They are people with beating hearts who need the love of Jesus.”