Thank you for considering Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) to meet your placement needs. Since 1903, OBHC has been committed to helping children in need. We do this by providing a safe, nurturing home for children while encouraging and empowering them and their families to follow Christ. Over the years, we have expanded this ministry to include single mother families, to help those in need and give them a home and the tools they need to succeed.

Child-Focused Care

OBHC has child-focused care on three campuses, located in Edmond, Owasso and Madill.

FAQs for Child-Focused Placement

We do not offer emergency placement.

We serve:

  • Children between the years of 6-17 at date of admission.
  • Children from hurting families dealing with divorce, alcohol, drug abuse, sickness, death, incarceration or financial problems.
  • Children without parents or parental supervision.
  • Children with minor behavioral/disciplinary problems.
  • Children in DHS custody (without DHS payment).
  • Children willing to accept placement and make an honest effort to overcome their emotional struggles or any negative behavioral patterns.
  • Children who have the ability to positively interact wtih other children and adult caregivers.
  • Children who are able to function in a public school setting.
  • Children willing to attend a Southern Baptist church.
  • No child will be denied services on the basis of race, color, national origin, or religious affiliation.
  • OBHC is not equipped to meet the needs of children who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, who need in-depth psychiatric care, exhibit habitual delinquent behavior, who are mentally or physically disabled, or are physically or sexually aggressive. We can make referrals to other facilities capable of handling these unique scenarios.

You may call any of our individual campuses for more information on our programs. Our campus staff may be able to help you properly assess your child’s situation, and help determine the best possible program for your child. 

If you would like to apply online for placement, please use the Applications button below.

The average stay for basic care residents is about 3 to 4 years. Residents may stay until they:

  1. Complete their success plan and can return to their home, or
  2. Reach the age of 18, or
  3. Graduate from high school.

In addition, our campuses offer after care and transitional living apartments for residents who:

  1. Have completed the program, (see above) and
  2. Choose to remain on campus, and
  3. Obey the rules, and
  4. Are attending college or vocational school, and/or
  5. Are gainfully employed.
A child’s own willingness to accept placement and to make an honest effort to rectify his or her problems is a great determining factor for anticipated success. All of OBHC’s campuses are described as open settings, and we do not provide a 24-hour watch staff.

If a child is not appropriate for our programs, we may be able to help with referrals for other agencies/facilities which may be able to offer their services.

The atmosphere is that of a caring family, with up to eight boys or eight girls are placed in a cottage-style home, under the supervision of Christian houseparents. Children enjoy meals, activities, chores and homework in their day-to-day life together. Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of school, church and campus activities/programs.

Our ministry is a gift in Christ’s name; we do not require payment for services.

Family-Focused Care

OBHC has Children’s Hope programs on two campuses – Oklahoma City and Owasso.

FAQs for Family-Focused Placement

Children’s Hope was developed to help single mothers, who may have limited or no support/resources, by providing an opportunity to develop a solid foundation for themselves and the children in their custody.

The goal is to help families become productive and more self-sufficient by providing a safe, stable and nurturing place to live, while equipping, assisting and teaching important skills that support both the mother and the children.

Children’s Hope helps in these areas:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Career Development
  • Spiritual Development/Church Involvement
  • Relational Needs
  • Money Management
  • Education

We do not offer emergency shelter housing or recovery programs. An application process is required for admission into our program.

We serve:

  • Single mothers 18 years or older.
  • Single mothers with limited or no resources and their children.
  • Single mothers must be at least 18 years old, not pregnant and have custody of their child/children.
  • Children must be at least six weeks old and be able to go to daycare or public school.
  • Participants must be willing to share common living areas and positively interact with other families.
  • Participants must encourage positive relations with an ex-husband or boyfriend but separate themselves from unhealthy relationships.
  • Participants must commit to leave behind any bad habits such as drinking, drugs or other habits that hinder focus on improvement.
  • A commitment is required of at least 30 hours a week to improving job skills through schooling or obtaining employment within a career path plan.
  • Participants must attend church services.
  • Participants must agree to become involved in counseling.
  • Participants are required to attend a weekly Life Skills class that includes topics such as parenting, financial planning, relational/emotional well-being, Bible study and other assorted classes.

You may call our individual campuses for more information on our programs. Our campus staff may be able to help you properly assess your family’s situation and help determine the best possible program for you. 

If you would like to apply online for placement, please use the Applications button below.

Since two to three families are living in a cottage and the majority of people living on campus are women, boys must be 10 years old or younger at the time of admission.

If approved, the single mother and her family will move into a multi-family style home. A family advisor is present to assist families where needed.

While living on campus, mothers must be responsible for the care of her own children. Mothers prepare their own meals and work together with others to keep the environment clean and safe.

Every mother is expected to obtain employment within a career path or be committed to improving job skills through schooling.

Everyone on campus will attend a local Southern Baptist or like-minded Bible believing church, and are enouraged to be involved in church or school-related activities.

Thanks to the generosity of caring people and churches, OBHC does not charge for its services or accept government funds.