Lauren* and her daughter Jaylee* have lived at Baptist Children’s Home for six months. Lauren is not in school, but she hopes to pursue an education in psychology. Some of her favorite things to do are drawing and sewing. If she has the time and hands, she enjoys making some paper crafts but “it’s a bit harder to do with a little baby.” During her time on the Owasso Campus, Lauren has grown in her confidence as a mother and become a Christian!

For Lauren, the structure of life on campus was a new experience. “My biggest adjustment here would be the schedule. I did not grow up in a setting where we would have certain things to do on certain days. It would be more of a last-minute thing unless it was a big trip,” she said. However, she has quickly grown accustomed to the community aspect of Baptist Children’s Home. Lauren remarked, “My favorite thing about living on campus would definitely be the people I’ve grown really close to. Not to mention a playground for the kids to run and play on. Knowing that we’re also in a gated community just allows me to feel safer when going outside for a walk with my daughter.”

As a single mother, Lauren has had her fair share of hardship and challenges, but she is learning how to navigate motherhood with the help of parenting classes and her family advisor at Baptist Children’s Home. “Being a relatively young, single mother really has been the hardest. Having to deal with how some people may view me or say things to me based off being a young single mother is harsh to deal with, but it’s gotten easier as I know that they don’t know my full story,” she said.

Despite the challenges she faces, Lauren is a devoted and determined mom, “I’m proud to be a good mother to my daughter. Being a single parent can be hard and stressful, but I’m proud that I can push through it all and give Jaylee what I can provide.”

Living in Peace

Lauren became a Christian last year and has learned how to trust God and His plan for her life.

“There have been many instances where the Lord had helped me with things I didn’t think would ever work,” she stated. “When I was stressed and struggling with where I was and with my daughter, I was at a loss and prayed to Him. Though I was questioning myself for the longest time, when I came here, I have felt my stress and anxieties lift as I continue to be here.”

Lauren also followed through with believer’s baptism at her church, “It was actually during second service at church that I realized that this was all His plan. All the things I experienced had led me here to Him. My baptism was the best decision in my life. Being able to give myself to the Lord and live in his path for me has given me more hope and excitement for what the future holds for my daughter and me.”

As a believer, Lauren has found peace and comfort in giving her fears and worries to God. She said, “I have always lived in fear. It was the main factor in many things I regret, but since then, I have been living in peace knowing that what the future holds is in His plan.”

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Lauren’s mother. She is also a relatively new Christian. Please also pray for Lauren’s dad. Although she does not keep in contact with him anymore, she does know he has had chest problems, but the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with him.

*Name changed to protect their privacy.

Catherine Horn is OBHC Associate Director of Communications.

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