Ways to Give

Financially support OBHC ministries a variety of ways. Thank you for being a part of impacting future generations now.

Be a Difference Maker

Monthly sponsorships, or recurring gifts, give us the resources to cover necessities like food, utilities, and 24-hour care by loving houseparents. Steady investments like this ensure that we will be able to continue providing hope to children and families throughout Oklahoma. Will you partner with OBHC by becoming a Difference Maker?

Estate Planning

Learn more information about an estate plan, the benefits it can be to you and your family and how it can help support ministry needs now and in the future.

Planned Giving

Planned giving allows generous individuals to impact ministries they care about and touch the lives of those in need. Charitable contributions given to OBHC directly supporting the ministry now and in the future. There are multiple ways to set up planned giving. Read more about some of the most common charitable contributions or contact OBHC’s Planned Giving Specialist, Terry Davidson, for more information.

Honor/Memorial Gift

Honor/Memorial gifts identify an important person who has had special significance to you or recognizes the amazing life of a departed loved one, serving as a reflection upon the life of that person. Your gift offers you a thoughtful way to celebrate this person or occasion while contributing to OBHC’s mission to help children and families in need.

10 Acre Challenge

Since 1903, farmers and ranchers have played a vital role in providing crops and livestock for children in need. Learn how donating a portion of crop production can continue helping provide for OBHC’s campuses.

Birthday Bank

As early as 1907, Oklahomans began using their birthdays as occasions to give a special offering to provide help for children in the care of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC). In the early years, the gift was usually a penny for each birthday celebrated. As time went by, the penny became a dollar, and couples celebrating anniversaries began to add their gifts to the birthday offerings.

Combined Federal Campaign

OBHC is a participant in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This allows Federal employees to contribute directly to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children by using CFC #84062.