Melody* decided she was done letting others define her the second she decided to return to The Vine. She completed the OKC Campus’ program with her daughter in 2016, but since then, found herself in a verbally abusive relationship that left her wounded. “Because of everything that I’ve been through in my last relationship, I feel like I lost myself,” Melody said. Though this relationship gave her two more beautiful children, leaving it left her family without a place to stay to recover from these wounds.

Melody reached out to Rebekah, the intake coordinator at The Vine, because Melody remembered that “I accomplished a lot and honestly, when I think of the year I was happiest, it was 2016 when I was here, and I just wanted to feel that again.” As Melody worked long nights at a bar and long days caring for her children, she waited anxiously to hear back from The Vine. In July of 2023, she did.


The only person more excited than Melody for her to return was her family advisor Tabitha, who was on staff when she first went through the program. Tabitha and The Vine community made sure Melody and her children felt seen and cared for, regardless that it was their second time. That Christmas, Melody remembers not even touching her own gifts, completely content watching her kids scream with joy as they opened theirs. When Tabitha entered the room, it was all over for Melody. “Oh my gosh, we cried. All the happy tears.” Melody could not contain her gratitude as she recalled this tender memory. “I’m just happy to be here,” she said. “You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys letting me come back, because now, more than ever, is when I needed it.”

This time around, Melody’ sight is set on “taking better care of myself because my kids need me. I always put myself last, but I’m learning to take care of myself too. Because if not, then I’m not going to be able to help them.” She is learning how to let God define her, not the lies from her former partner or herself. Melody explains, “I self-sabotage. I have mom guilt, and then my ex has beat me up with words saying I’m these things that I’m not.” Despite this, Melody has found freedom in the word that God uses to describe her: forgiven. Hand in hand with her church and The Vine community, she came to this realization: “I was just like okay, okay, I need to learn to give myself grace: because He has grace for me.”

Melody and family

A Bright Future

Returning to The Vine has also given Melody the opportunity to explore her dreams. Her bright pink highlights and dazzling makeup are dead giveaways of her passion – esthetics. Melody is currently attending Paul Mitchell to obtain her esthetician license. She loves that this career allows her to express herself and help others feel beautiful in the process.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Melody to stay strong when it gets tough, that her kids would be open to seeing each other’s points of view, and that she would be reminded of the truth that she is forgiven.

*Name changed to protect their privacy.

Clara Roark is a contract writer for OBHC.