My name is Tarah*, and I am 24 years old! I am a mother to two beautiful boys, Graham* who is three and Kylan* who is two. I am currently working at Charlie’s Chicken in Owasso while working toward starting cosmetology school in January 2024. I have lived on campus since January 2023. Some things I like to do are cooking, singing and doing my make up. Some adjustments I have had to make while living on campus were doing things with more of a routine and learning to live with a lot more people than I was used to who came from different backgrounds. Some things I like about living on campus are having community, as well as having support in all aspects of my life. Recently, God has been teaching me that faith in Him is the one thing that satisfies and brings joy! I am proud of myself for doing all the things I said I would do when coming to this campus. They have either already been done or are in the works of being completed before my one-year mark.

Please pray I will get accepted into cosmetology school so I can start working on my cosmetology degree. Please pray Graham will start showing improvement in his speech and occupational therapy. Please pray for peace, protection and understanding in my daily walk with the Lord as I deal with kids, school, life’s obstacles and Graham’s mental health.

*Name changed to protect their privacy.

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