Women of Compassion started in 2014 to bring women from all backgrounds together for one act of compassion to benefit Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC). Since its inception, Women of Compassion has given over $2 million to impact the ministries of OBHC! You have remained faithful throughout the years and we thank you.

2023 Grant Recipients

The 2023 Cups of Kindness Event, held in Oklahoma City on Saturday, April 1, was a wonderful success! Attendees enjoyed special music by saxophonist Vearl Tolbert and an inspiring message from Sheila Walsh.

Thanks to a record membership of 342 women, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) was greatly blessed with $342,000 in grants that will benefit all areas of the ministry. Because of the generosity and compassion of these women the following 2023 grants were awarded.

  1. Baptist Children’s Home, Oklahoma City received a $75,000 grant to transform two transitional living units from one bedroom to two and will now accommodate single mothers with two or more children with much-needed space and a greater pathway to independence.
  2. Baptist Children’s Home, Owasso received a $75,000 grant to transform their commissary space with much-needed updates. This includes climate control aspects that will help with preserving donations and food. A portion of the commissary was transformed into a campus boutique where residents will have the opportunity to shop for much-needed items.
  3. Boys Ranch Town received a $75,000 grant to purchase a campus skid-steer. This much-needed piece of equipment helps with daily ranch operations such as moving hay and feed, building fences, clearing brush and much more. 
  4. OBHC received a $75,000 grant to support all ministries.
  5. OBHC Residential Campuses residential campuses received a $42,000 shared grant to provide a summer activity fund for residents on each campus.