Foster Care Ministries

There are multiple ways your church can support the foster community. Below are just a few ways you or your church can impact foster parents and the children placed in their home.

Offer DHS-Approved Re-Certification Training

Foster Care Ministries partners with Southern Baptist churches to offer DHS approved re-certification training hours for foster parents, while the foster children enjoy quality, age-appropriate activities hosted by the church.

Recruit Foster Families

What better way to impact children who come from difficult circumstances than to show them what a Christ-centered home looks like. However, these families need to be identified as potential candidates. Churches can work with their members to identify and encourage those called to open their homes to children in need of hope.

Volunteer with Foster Care Ministries

Church members can volunteer and support Foster Care Ministries by becoming a(n):

  • Special event team member
  • Church hostess at partnership events
  • Event photographer
  • Conference leader
  • Office support/administrative support
  • Serve on the Regional Champions Team

Partnership Agreement

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to help foster families! If you are planning to host a foster family training event, please fill out this form and submit.

Other Ways to Impact

Small acts of service can make a big impact in the foster/adoptive community. Here are a few ways your church can make an impact.

Within the Church:

  • Pray for the children in foster care.
  • Plan special events for National Foster Care and National Adoption Awareness months.
  • Provide a basic need to a foster family – cook a meal, clean their house, cut their lawn.
  • Financially assist foster/adoptive church members.
  • Invite an OBHC representative to speak.

Community Outreach:

  • Encourage/support a foster family in your community who is not connected to the church.
  • Host a monthly birthday party for children in shelters.
  • Mentor a child aging out of the foster care system.
  • Provide special events for foster/adoptive families– i.e. day at the zoo, water park or local museum.