Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


10-Acre Challenge

How It Works

GROW: Sow your seed, and say your prayers. Let God do the rest.

GIVE: Donate a portion of what you are blessed with to children and families at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children(OBHC). Some farmers choose to give 10 acres worth of crop production. This can be donated through your local co-op. Contact Mike Williams who will collect the gift. Examples: grain, lumber, canola, cotton, corn, milo, wheat, etc.

CHALLENGE: Challenge your buddies to do the same. Together, the impact of your gifts will help children and families in a great big way.

Other Ways to Take the Challenge

While donating 10 acres worth of crop production is a special way to help children and families, any gift of any amount is welcome. Other ways to give include: cash, check, online credit card donation, income from oil/gas or wind energy contracts, property, equipment, etc. Do you have something in mind you would like to donate? Call Mike Williams, and he will help coordinate your donation.

For more information contact Mike Williams - (405) 818-8833.

All Aboard Wheat Harvest

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Your gifts provide hope for a brighter future.