Women Provide Grants for Necessary Repairs

Contractors replaced sewage lines at Boys Ranch Town
Contractors replaced sewage lines at Boys Ranch Town over the summer

When a group of people set their minds to something and combine their resources, they can accomplish great things. All across Oklahoma, women find their opportunity to help children by joining Women of Compassion. This group is made up of women of all ages and denominations, but all have one thing in common – loving Jesus and longing to help change the lives of children and families in Oklahoma.

Since its inception in 2014, Women of Compassion has given nearly one million dollars to impact the ministries of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC). Thanks to Women of Compassion members, every ministry of OBHC has been blessed by gracious gifts, making an impact in the lives of children and families.

In 2019, a $50,000 grant was given to Boys Ranch Town to begin the major process of replacing the sewage system. Work was completed last summer on the first phase of the project. The necessary repairs were addressed, which included replacing and repairing broken lines and blockages, as well as costs associated with hiring a private contractor to oversee the work. The $50,000 grant allowed Boys Ranch Town to address the immediate concerns to keep the campus operational. The remaining financial needs are being raised through individual donations.

“Through receiving this grant, Boys Ranch Town was able to take care of the worst sewage damage and the lines that needed urgent repair. We consider Boys Ranch Town to be like our own little town. Improving the infrastructure to keep it working was not only necessary, but it provides a nice, quality place for boys to live.” stated Campus Administrator Brent Thackerson.

“I cannot stress enough how vital this grant was and how necessary the repairs were in order to continue functioning at a high level. There were many other projects deserving of a grant, and we appreciate you choosing ours. What is underground is foundational for any home to work properly – what is unseen is just as important as the visible work. We appreciate you seeing the need and deciding to help. Thank you, Women of Compassion! Your gift was a blessing and is a very big deal to us, as we live in our ‘town’.”

A second $50,000 grant was awarded to Hope Pregnancy Center, which launched a concentrated six-month online messaging strategy to reach the most abortion-vulnerable clients. As a result of this targeted campaign, 820 women who may not have found Hope Pregnancy Center, did so because of this investment in marketing. During this six-month campaign, that is 30 percent of the total clients who visited a Hope center in 2019!

A third $50,000 grant added security measures at Baptist Children’s Home, Owasso, allowing the campus to increase lighting around their walking trail, prayer garden, apartments and park. The grant also funded a much-needed remodel for the gymnasium restrooms.

Another $50,000 was given to a general fund to bless all OBHC ministries as needed. The remaining money assisted LifeWize to continue ministry and training for volunteers in schools throughout the state.

Because of the faithfulness of so many women in 2019, these significant improvements allow OBHC ministries to continue serving children and families. The opportunity to be a Women of Compassion member allows those to see their impact in a very tangible way. This membership allows individual gifts to be combined with others, having a much more significant impact together than alone. Consider committing to becoming a Women of Compassion member, where you know your involvement will change lives.

Women of Compassion

In the best interest of everyone’s health and safety, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Cups of Kindness Event scheduled for April 4 in Tulsa. However, this does not mean the ministry of Women of Compassion is canceled. The beauty of Women of Compassion is women can still come together to combine their resources to help the ministries of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children from the comfort of their own home.

This year, we are encouraging everyone from Women of Compassion to vote for their grant recipient using their absentee ballot.

For more information about becoming a Women of Compassion member, please visit