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Women of Compassion
One Meeting, One Vote, One Act of Compassion

Past Women of Compassion Grant Recipients


When the time came to cast the vote, two very pertinent projects rose to the "top of the cup."

  1. The first $50,000 grant was awarded to Baptist Children's Home, Owasso, for a new security fence, sidewalk, and the renovation of their transitional living apartments.
  2. A second $50,000 grant was awarded to Hope Pregnancy Centers, to purchase Trophon ultrasound disinfectant machines, Bibles, prenatal books, and other educational materials.
  3. A total of $74,000 went to the operating grant, to benefit all OBHC minstries.


  1. Receiving the first $50,000 grant is Baptist Children's Home, Owasso, for the restoration of White City Cottage.
  2. A second $50,000 grant was awarded to Boys Ranch Town, Edmond, for the purchase of new computers and an Internet safety filtration system.
  3. $63,000 went to the operating grant.


At our 2015 annual Cups of Kindness event, Women of Compassion had the blessing of awarding two project submissions. The grant recipients were Boys Ranch Town and our Hope Pregnancy Centers.

BRT van
HPC bus bench
  1. Boys Ranch Town received an eight passenger minivan, 24 mattresses, and 14 pairs of washers and dryers that were delivered to the campus the summer of 2015.
  2. Our Hope Pregnancy Centers received $29,000 toward their request for advertising. HPC has used the grant for an updated Web page, Google AdWords campaign, radio advertising, bus benches and tv commercials.
  3. $50,000 went to the operating grant.


  1. The first grant recipient, awarded on April 5, 2014, at our first annual Cups of Kindness event, was Baptist Children’s Home, Oklahoma City. The project submission included a security system for the campus as well as six storm shelters. Both the security system and storm shelters were installed during the summer of 2014.
  2. $62,000 went to the operating grant.


Thank you, Women of Compassion!


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