Women Make a Powerful Statement for Children in Oklahoma

Dominique had just left her doctor’s office. During her visit, she discovered she was unexpectedly pregnant. Scared, angry and in disbelief over this unplanned pregnancy, she thought an abortion was her only option. Seeking to make an appointment, she googled “abortion,” but what she found…was hope.

Hope Pregnancy Center’s website,, was one of the first results to Dominique’s Google search. She decided to make an appointment with Hope and was met with compassion and respect. She was given factual information about all her pregnancy options, from parenting, to placing the baby for adoption, to the untold truths of abortion. Dominique left unsure about her decision, but returned to Hope a few days later for a free ultrasound. It was there, for the first time, Dominique saw her baby boy on the screen. Rather than seeing a random clump of cells, Dominique saw her baby, his arms and legs moving, as well as his heart beating. Right then, something amazing happened! This image of the life God was knitting together inside her changed her heart! It immediately gave her the courage to choose life and tell her parents about her pregnancy!

Dominique And Ezra

A grant made by Women of Compassion made it possible for Hope to be there for Dominique in her time of need. In 2015, this group of women voted to award a $29,000 grant to increase marketing strategies for Hope. This grant allowed the public to learn about Hope through billboards, Google searches, bus benches and more. Dominique is one of many who have walked through the doors of Hope after a simple internet search and discovered God had much more planned for her life and the life of her unborn baby.

However, Dominique’s story is just one example of the many lives who have been affected by the generosity of Women of Compassion. In the past five years, this group of like-minded women, who care about the well-being of children and families, have impacted lives every day, using their generosity to provide grants for ministry needs of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC). Since its inception, Women of Compassion’s 187 members have given more than $750,000 to impact all ministries of OBHC and have truly been able to accomplish much more together than most are able to individually. Women of Compassion has also provided to a variety of other needs, including grants awarded to:

  • Baptist Home for Girls in Madill renovated two cottages, which will assist single mothers and their children to get back on their feet.
  • Baptist Children’s Home in Oklahoma City upgraded security measures by installing six storm shelters and a security system on campus to keep the children and single mothers safe.
  • Baptist Children’s Home in Owasso remodeled and renovated White City cottage, allowing the campus to minister to more children.
  • Boys Ranch Town in Edmond received new computers and cabling to help these young men in school.
  • Various other grants which helped the overall ministry of OBHC and impacted children and single-mother families across the state.
Women Of Compassion

What do all these stories have in common? They are a direct result of the investment from women across Oklahoma who decided to collectively make a statement and provide for the needs of children and families in the care of OBHC.

Are you ready to be a part and join other women in 2019 by bringing light into dark places, providing for those in need and seeing how God chooses to move through your obedience? Registration is open to join Women of Compassion. RSVP to the event on April 6 as soon as possible by calling Shonda at (405) 735-8343.