Winning the Battle for Life

In our society, talk about battles makes us think of soldiers, tanks and planes. But there is another battle taking place, not on a field of war, but in homes and offices, and right here at Hope. It’s the battle for life, and it’s one Hope is able to fight day after day–thanks to friends like you. Please read and share these stories with your family, friends and church groups. Together we are winning the battle for life.

The Battle for Life

Choose Life

Abortion was the first choice on Sara’s* mind when she arrived at Hope Pregnancy Center for her ultrasound appointment. During the visit, she disclosed she had chosen abortion during the second trimester of a previous pregnancy. The abortion was really hard to walk through and she still struggled with that decision. The door was opened for the sonographer to talk about “Forgiven and Set Free,” a Bible study Hope offers to help women find forgiveness and healing after an abortion. Sara wasn’t ready to attend the class quite yet, but it opened up a discussion about God’s love and forgiveness.

Then, WOW! A beautiful 13-week baby was projected on the ultrasound room screen. Its hand was “waving” for most of the time. As Sara watched the screen, she made comments like, “The baby has arms! The baby has legs! The baby is moving! The heart is beating!” It was as if she truly had no idea what was going on in her womb before. Hope’s Nurse Manager said, “It brought tears to my eyes as I saw her realize what the baby she lost might have looked like.” It was evident the ultrasound was very powerful for Sara, but heartbreaking at the same time.

This time, Sara is choosing life for her baby. She experienced the love of Christ throughout her visit at Hope and is thankful for the life-affirming services Hope provides. Hope staff and volunteers are humbled to be in the ministry of sharing the truth about the Lord and the truth about His creation in the womb!

We can’t assume everyone knows the reality of the life in the womb. So many have believed a lie. So many lack hope and are not being reached with the truth. Here are simple ways you can help bring more men and women to Hope:

• Pray women in an unplanned pregnancy would notice and respond to Hope Pregnancy Center ads online, on bus benches and billboards.
• Visit, scroll through the pages and spend a few minutes on the site. This helps our site come up first when someone searches for help.
• Share on social media and encourage others to share it.
• Post a review of Hope Pregnancy Center on Google or Yelp if you or your family have been blessed by a visit to Hope. You don’t even have to comment, you can just give Hope some stars!

*Sara’s name was changed for confidentiality

On the Front Lines

Gayla White, Hope State Director and Carolyn Anson, Hope, North OKC Director interviewed by Denise Lopez.

Hope Pregnancy Center is on the front lines in the battle for the lives of women and their unborn children. “Every Day with Denise” is a podcast of “Everyday Stories of Radical Obedience to a Faithful God.” Hope State Director, Gayla White and Hope, North OKC Director, Carolyn Anson tell their personal stories in the Episode 8 broadcast on April 2, 2019. They also describe the process a client walks through when she comes to Hope for services. Click HERE to listen in. This is a great resource to share with others to help them understand how important Hope Pregnancy Center is in these situations.

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