This is Hope Events Share Vision and Message of Hope

Karen Alley, Director, Hope Pregnancy Center, Tulsa

The Tulsa fundraising event was held on Thursday, September 30, and the OKC metro fundraising event was held on Tuesday, October 5.

During the Tulsa event, a vision was cast for sharing a message of hope with more men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Also, it was announced that the Tulsa pregnancy center will be moving to a new location. This new location provides higher visibility and accessibility, and the building’s adaptability will increase Hope’s mission to rescue more babies and strengthen families within the surrounding community.

Barbara Crockett, development representative for Hope Pregnancy Center, said the Tulsa event had “a casual, upbeat atmosphere even while addressing the serious issue of preventing abortion in our communities one life at a time.”

Kathy Gibson, director of the Image Clear Ultrasound Mobile Unit, challenged the OKC event attendees to champion ultrasounds, “This culture and this generation needs to hear and see their baby’s heartbeat.”

At the OKC event, directors from the OKC metro pregnancy centers and the director of the mobile unit shared their vision for Hope Pregnancy Centers. Their desire is to expand access to ultrasound by guaranteeing nurses and sonographers’ availability during all business hours, including evenings and Saturdays. Through the fatherhood program, Hope Pregnancy Center is encouraging fathers to speak up for their child’s life and actively lead their family. Additionally, Hope’s goal is to reach more abortion-minded women by boosting Hope online ads to be seen above abortion provider ads on Google and other platforms.

Attendees at both events were encouraged to consider their role in sharing the message of Hope. Would you like to join in sharing the message of Hope? Learn more about how you can do your part.