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Jack and Lila KimblerLila and Jack Kimbler

Jack and Lila Kimbler have been involved in the lives of the boys at Boys Ranch Town for more than 20 years.  Beginning with their involvement as members of First Baptist Church, Edmond, where boys have attended since the inception of Boys Ranch Town. The Kimblers secured the funding for a Boys Ranch Town cottage now named the Kimbler Cottage. Mr. Kimbler says, “I believe the Bible’s admonition that to whom much has been given, much is required. Lila and I believe this includes assets as well as time.”  For Jack and Lila, building a legacy has required steadfastness, faith, and a willing spirit to obey God and follow His leadership. Growing up in poor families, Jack and Lila have a strong belief that “those of us who have been blessed are responsible for helping others.”

Jack Kimbler served as chairman of the OBHC Board of Trustees for two years of the four that he served on the Board during 2000-2004. During the last Board meeting that he chaired, he gave his testimony stating, “My experience has been that it doesn’t make much difference where we are from, what our educational background is, how successful we might be financially; it only matters that we do what God has called us to do. What does make a difference is the amount of passion we bring to our place of service. It also doesn’t make much difference where you meet Jesus, just as long as you do.”

Tony Kennedy lauds Jack and Lila Kimbler for their support of OBHC. Mr. Kennedy commented, “Jack Kimbler is an innovative leader urging the children in our care to participate in programs outside the realm of OBHC, such as the ASTEC summer space camp. These types of programs put our children on the cutting edge of learning and the children love it.” 

Jack and Lila continue to be a major part of the overall ministry of OBHC. Their giving history and love for children qualify them for nomination for membership in the Gladys Smith Society.  05-13-05

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