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Inez BoehmInez Boehm

Inez Boehm was honored at the OBHC Board of Trustees Meeting on June 17, 1999, with induction into the Gladys Smith Society. This award is given to individuals who have made outstanding efforts on behalf of children. The Society is named for Gladys Smith, the first child taken into the Baptist Orphan’s Home in 1903.

Mrs. Boehm, a member of First Baptist Church, Enid, is a long-time friend of children. She celebrated her 94th birthday in June, '99.

She married Joe Scheulen in 1934, and they operated a dry-cleaning business in Hennessey for several years. Mr. Scheulen’s poor health caused them to sell the business and take up farming. Mrs. Scheulen knew nothing about farming but learned quickly and came to love operating a farm.

They went through difficult times during the Depression and the Dust Bowl, but Mrs. Boehm says, "God carried us through the hardships and disappointments." They moved to Enid in 1953.

Joe and Inez Scheulen

In 1960, the Scheulen’s were on their way to Colorado to go fishing and discussed their estate. They had no children of their own but deeply cared about the welfare of children.

Mr. Scheulen wanted their estate to go the Children’s Home and Boys Ranch Town. One of the last things he said to his wife was, "Don’t forget the little boys." Just a few hours after their discussion, Mr. Scheulen became ill and passed away.

Three years after Mr. Scheulen’s death, Inez married Herman Boehm. Mr. Boehm passed away in 1991.

gazeboMrs. Boehm has been very supportive of OBHC’s ministry. She furnished two bedrooms in the new cottages at Boys Ranch Town: one in the Mabee Cottage and one in the Kimbler Cottage. Mrs. Boehm funded the construction of the Prayer Gazebo at BRT. It was dedicated in memory of Joe Scheulen. In May of this year, she deeded her 160-acre farm near Hennessey to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. She is helping to fund the construction of a new "independent-living cottage" at Boys Ranch Town, Arcadia. Her will specifies that, at her death, the balance of her estate will go to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.

Mrs. Boehm says, "I feel like this accomplishes what Joe and I had in mind many years ago. I can sleep at night knowing that I am doing the Lord’s will." Mrs. Boehm believes in giving back to the Lord what He has entrusted into her hands. She says, "God has been so good to me."  06-17-99

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