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Katheryn KlotschKatheryn Klotsch

Katheryn Klotsch celebrated her 100th birthday in 1999. She was born December 26, 1899 in Krebbs, Oklahoma and grew up in McAlester. She married and lived in Kinman, Arizona for 30 years and then moved to Mesa, which was her home for 23 years. After caring for her late husband three years before his death in 1984, Katheryn moved to Oklahoma City in 1985 and looked after two sisters and a brother who were living in nursing homes until their deaths—the last one to die was her youngest sister in 1994. Since then Katheryn has kept busy with church and friends. Her hobby is tatting doilies, which she gives away. She has no children of her own but, being a retired schoolteacher, she is very much a part of the lives of many of her former students. Their children and grandchildren are faithful to keep in touch with Katheryn in appreciation for her faithful support of their education.

Katheryn has supported OBHC since she learned about it from her older sister Mary Migdat, who was a long-time member of First Baptist Church, Oklahoma City.

Katheryn served as executor of Mary’s will which included a substantial gift to OBHC. During the years she spent looking after her siblings in the nursing home, Katheryn became acquainted with Olive Pritchett (Judy Branom’s mother—Judy is administrative assistant to Bob Ross of BFO). Olive was instrumental in Katheryn’s decision to include OBHC in her trust for the bulk of her estate at her death.

Last year Katheryn transferred stock to establish a $200,000 trust with OBHC "to benefit the children now." She told Jean Klingaman, "I would rather give it to help a child have a life than live in a country club."

Jean Klingaman says it is an honor to know this delightful lady who is truly the epitome of a cheerful giver and does not desire any recognition. However, her giving history and her love for children qualify her for nomination for membership in the Gladys Smith Society. Recently, she reluctantly gave her consent to be nominated. 06-26-01

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