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Wake-up Call

Sumer and Jeff Melton

MeltonSumer and Jeff Melton were traveling back from a family trip to Branson, MO, last October with their two young daughters, Taylor, 5, and Aubrey, 3, when their car hit a guardrail on the highway.

“If it hadn’t been for the guardrail we would have gone down the hill,” Sumer recalled. “It was a God thing that we hit it, turned a 360, and did not hit anybody and no one hit us. It was a miracle.”

The Meltons, both nurses, call that event their “wake-up” call.

“Both of us could have died, or one of us could have died, and the kids could have lived, but where would they have gone?” Jeff said. “It reminded us that if something were to happen to us, we didn’t have a plan for our children.”

The couple has been married eight years and had talked for years about doing an estate plan but put it off for the same reason many young families delay the step.

“We thought because we were young and didn’t have many material things built up that it wasn’t time to have a will. I think many young families think that way. You just don’t think you have a lot of things that really matter and you don’t think about dying young,” Jeff said.

But the wreck brought into focus for the Meltons, members of Quail Springs Baptist Church, the reason why a young family needs a will--to designate guardianship for their minor children.

“We didn’t care who took our house or our things. Our main concern is our children,” said Sumer, who is expecting their third child in March.

The Meltons had heard that the Foundation helped families and individuals with the expenses of a will or trust if a gift was left to a Southern Baptist ministry. They said the process was easy and they experienced no out-of-pocket expenses.

The Foundation reimburses a portion of your legal fees if you choose to leave a 10 percent charitable gift to ministries at your death, at least half of which must be left to a Baptist ministry and may include the Southern Baptist church where you worship.

The Meltons have designated Hope Pregnancy Center and Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children in their will.

The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma | Generosity Magazine | Fall 2009
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