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Alex Williams: A Voice for Residential Education

Alex Williams

I lived at Boys Ranch Town in Edmond from 1999-2001. I moved there when I was 15 years old because the situation that I was living in at home was one of stagnation. The relationship with my mother had deteriorated over the years to the point that I found myself spending weeks at a time living with friends. I did not always know where I was to sleep night to night or where my next meal was to come from. This was a frustrating situation that only caused me to struggle academically and with the sports that I played for my high school. The instability at home prevented me from being able to live to my potential and flourish as a young student athlete.

Through church I became aware of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC), and was able to meet several of the boys and their house parents who lived there at the time. My family and I came to the conclusion that we would both be better served with my move to Boys Ranch Town.

From that point on, I was in an environment that encouraged growth as a man though discipline, love, and support. The stability of the atmosphere allowed me to find my potential that had long been absent. A balance of responsibility and freedom were realized with chores every day and church activities throughout the week. I was held accountable for my mistakes and rewarded for my efforts to improve myself and be a part of that community. From the time that I moved there I went from being a “B” and “C” junior varsity athlete to being a straight “A” varsity athlete who worked part-time as a waiter at a local restaurant.

Since I moved away from Boys Ranch Town and started college, OBHC has continued to support my efforts through a private scholarship program. It has contributed to both my graduate and postgraduate education and helped me tremendously by reducing the cost of my schooling. Through the donations of Oklahomans and the surrounding community, I have been blessed to be able to meet the risingcosts of tuition in Oklahoma public universities.

I firmly believe that the Ranch has been the difference for me and the single most important time of growth in my life. Those experiences helped me realize opportunity that has now defined my success as a person. I am scheduled to graduate from medical school at the University of Oklahoma on May 31, 2009, and attain a goal that I would have never seriously contemplated without the love and support of OBHC. My dream of practicing medicine has been made possible by OBHC and its financial supporters.

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