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Jack and Johnnye PresnellJack and Johnnye Presnell

Jack and Johnnye Presnell are active supporters of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. From the beginning of their involvement, the Presnells have had a vision for the ministry. Their top priority has been to take care of hurting children. They have been passionate about bettering the existing programs and buildings on the campus of the Baptist Children’s Home in Owasso.

The Presnells opened their hearts to the ministry of OBHC, securing the funding to build apartments on Owasso’s campus. These were named in honor of Johnnye’s parents, Dewey G. and Leta F. Bradshaw.

They gave generously with a clear vision for the project. It was their desire to provide independent living opportunities to young women and their children, as well as residents of the Children’s Home who are on their journey to becoming capable, caring Christian adults. Their hope was that the programs implemented through the Bradshaw Apartments would break a family heritage of poverty, neglect, and abuse.

The apartments have allowed these residents to receive the love of Christ through their gift of a safe, decent place to live. The residents have been able to gain the necessary confidence to succeed on their own.

Donna Brooks, Development Representative for OBHC states, “The Presnells encourage others within their church, family, and community to support the mission of OBHC by their faithful example. The Presnells count their blessings and give cheerfully.”  03-28-08

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