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Foster Parent Certification

The foster care agency we refer you to will work with you to become a certified foster family. Typically this includes: orientation, application, fingerprinting, pre-service training and a home study.

  1. Orientation - Informational meeting to provide an overview of the agency and the foster program.
  2. Application -The beginning of the certification process and a requirement to proceed.
  3. Fingerprinting - Every applicant and household member 18 years and older must be fingerprinted for criminal clearance.
  4. Pre-Service Training - Training generally consists of classroom training and homework.
  5. Home Study - During training, a social worker will conduct a series of interviews, home visits, a safety and fire inspection and obtain required documentation.
  6. Placement – Only after a family is certified can a child or children be placed in the home. This may happen immediately or may take longer, depending on the age and the child which fits best in your family.

The foster care agency makes every effort to place children with a family that best matches the family’s strengths and preferences. A family has the right to refuse any placement should they feel they cannot meet the child’s needs.

OBHC is not providing foster care services; we are giving your contact information to a like-minded foster care agency.

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