The videos on this site are SERMONS by various pastors across the state and have been approved by OKDHS for 30 minutes of Foster/Adoptive Parent Re-certification Training.

Once you have viewed the video, please click on the corresponding evaluation link and complete the evaluation. You will then receive your certificate for that video within five business days.

One Such Child

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Online Training – Sermon Series Topics

This Is How We Family

  • Doing Family On Purpose
  • This Is How We Fear
  • This Is How We Have Peace
  • This Is How We Stay On Path
  • Covenant Marriage
  • This Is How We Marry
  • This Is How We Trust
  • This Is How We Discipline
  • This Is How We Sharpen Family
  • This Is How We Hate
  • This Is How We Love
  • This Is How We Talk
  • This Is How We Plan
  • This Is How We Stay On Course
  • This Is How We Grow In Wisdom

When Relationships Crumble

  • Moving From Fantasy to Reality
  • 15 Words That Can Save a Relationship
  • Christ & Into Me You See
  • Where to Turn When Emotions Take Over
  • Givers Not Takers

911: A Parenting Series (coming soon)

  • What is the Purpose of Parenting
  • Parenting the Young Child
  • Parenting the Transitional Child
  • Parenting the Adult Child

Family Portrait (coming soon)

  • Perfection Is My Goal, Brokenness is My Reality
  • The Truth About the Blended Family
  • Emotionally Abandoned: Single Parenting
  • Fatherless/Helpless: Caring for the Orphans & Widows

My Family Rules (coming soon)

  • Why Rules Matter
  • Parents Must Keep the Rules
  • Rules for Parenting Children
  • Rules for Parenting the Transitional Child
  • Rules for Parenting the Adult Child

This Is Us (coming soon)

  • God Wants To Do Something Significant With My Family: (Abraham)
  • Flawed Families Are Used By God: (Isaac)
  • If God Can Bring a Joseph Out of Jacob, What Can He Do at Your House? (Jacob)

The Elephant In The Room: A Family Series (coming soon)

(Huge Truths No Family Likes to Talk About)
  • “I’m Not Sure I Can Do This”
  • Money Talk
  • We Aren’t That Spiritual
  • Ask Me Anything: A Panel Discussion

The Best of the Best: A Parenting Series (coming soon)

  • The Purpose of Parenting
  • Commander & Coach
  • Hope For the Single Parent
  • The Counselor & Consultant
  • Why Rules Matter

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