Get Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved in LifeWize.

Volunteer Training

Because LifeWize is a volunteer-led program, we rely on community volunteers to help in the process.  You will be serving in schools, but don’t worry; we will be with you through the whole process. The training you receive will make you feel confident and prepared.

Last year, LifeWize trained 26 new volunteers. As a LifeWize volunteer, you are needed once a week for four hours at a time, for six to eight weeks. Volunteers present LifeWize curriculum to students in class for up to one hour, for multiple classes in a row. Permanent LifeWize staff provides all training and resources you need to succeed.

  • Become a volunteer by committing to training and becoming regularly involved in helping facilitate LifeWize in your local school system.
  • College students can complete an internship or practicum for a full semester.
  • Other opportunities are available at the LifeWize office for those with computer skills, such as writing lesson plans, arranging presentations, organizing a newsletter, assistance with volunteer coordination and honoring volunteers.

Intern with LifeWize

LifeWize has the availability for short term (25 hour/semester) interns. Interns will be trained and supervised by permanent LifeWize staff and trained volunteer peer educators. Interns will gain a foundational knowledge of LifeWize and assist where needed. Interns are a valuable part of community outreach.

Practicum opportunities are also available for up to 150 hours per semester. These students are trained to lead and facilitate teaching of the LifeWize curriculum in a public school, as well as complete other duties as requested.

For more questions, please contact us at 405-942-3800.


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