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The Gladys Smith Society

The Gladys Smith Society was created in 1999 to honor individuals who make outstanding contributions to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. The society is named in honor of Gladys Smith, the first child taken into the Baptist Orphans Home in 1903.
Gladys Smith

The young girl and her mother were living in a one-room house on the alley of Chickasaw Street in Oklahoma City. Both mother and child seemed helpless and ready to die.

The mother relinquished the child into the care of Mrs. Scott, one of the founders of the Home, and gave the girl’s name as Gladys Smith.

Gladys stayed at the Home until she was about nine years old when she was adopted. Later her adoptive mother died and Gladys came back to the home at age fifteen. After graduating from high school and junior college, she married a young business man. They began a family of their own, moved to California, and lived a productive life there.

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