Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Core Fund Raising Precepts

by Greg McNeece, President

Report from the Development Committee
of the OBHC Board of Trustees

(Approved as a resolution by the OBHC Board of Trustees 3-31-2006)

Greg McNeece

1. OBHC will earn public trust by the maintenance of standards and conduct that convey God-honoring, ethical practices. For example, OBHC maintains membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and adheres to the Seven Standards and the Donor Bill of Rights developed and maintained by the ECFA.

2. OBHC will maintain stable reserves to assure continued operations during the inevitable periods of economic stress.

3. OBHC will aggressively seek additional funding to expand or improve programs. For example, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children is willing to spend money to raise money. Over the past five years, between 5 and 10 percent of each year’s income has been spent to raise funds. OBHC uses a number of methods to ask for help, including mail, events, and people who are responsible to ask individuals and foundations for gifts. OBHC has placed a premium on finding resources to do a better job with current residents and to help more children in the future.

4. OBHC will provide excellent care at a reasonable cost. The level of care provided to residents is a demonstrated bargain when compared to Baptist Children’s Homes in other states and when compared to campus based residential programs operated by government agencies.

5. OBHC will maintain little or no debt.

6. OBHC does not receive fees for services from any government source. (Children who are in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services may be placed through a “no pay” contract.)

7. OBHC does not charge families or children for services provided. (OBHC provides excellent services free of charge.)

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability:

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Your gifts help provide hope to children and families.