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Vice President for Planned Giving

Your Friend, the Codicil

The codicil, as you probably know, is an appendage to a will that adds to or modifies something in the will. For example, if you want to change the personal representative named in your will, you can do so with a codicil. If you want to add the name of someone to receive a bequest, you can use a codicil. If you want to delete the name of someone, a codicil will work fine.

1. Codicils are effective.

They do the job. They are just as legal and binding as the main document. Some of our friends may want to add Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children to their wills and others may want to adjust the amount they had previously decided to give. In either case, this can be done effectively through a codicil.

2. Codicils are inexpensive.

You would probably be surprised to learn the relatively low cost of a codicil. It is considerably less than the expense of drafting an entire will. A quick call to your attorney will tell you just how reasonable this service is compared to other planned giving documents.

3. Codicils are easy.

The codicil presents an easy way for our OBHC friends to include OBHC in their planned giving. It's not necessary to go through the time and expense of redoing the entire will; all it takes is the creation of a brief legal document that is then stored in a safe place with the will.

If you would like more information about wills and codicils and how you can include OBHC in your planned giving, contact OBHC's Vice President for Planned Giving, Neal Wooldridge, at (405) 570-9836 or e-mail Neal Wooldridge. Or you can use the button below.

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