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Neal Wooldridge

a word from Neal Wooldridge
Vice President for Planned Giving

Your Enabling Gifts

As a nonprofit organization, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children depends on the generous and faithful gifts of our friends. Without them, we would cease to be. Every gift is important to us.

We appreciate our volunteers who provide time, energy and expertise. These gifts are valuable, and we cherish them.

But there are other gifts we appreciate as well, monetary gifts that fuel the engines of maintenance, administration, program development and other OBHC ministry related needs. These gifts include regular contributions, special giving and planned gifts.

Regular Gifts

Every year, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children receives contributions from more than 10,000 individuals and couples that support our ongoing child care work. These cash gifts comprise the backbone of our development program, and we depend on them to meet our daily obligations. For the most part, these gifts come out of person’s monthly income.

Special Gifts

As a growing and vital organization, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children seeks to raise additional funds for building expansion, endowment growth and other special projects and purposes.

We challenge our donors to make a special or major gifts may come from savings or brokerage accounts and represent a significant commitment. While the number of donors making special or major gifts which may be smaller than the number of regular donors, these generous gifts are extremely important to our financial health.

Ultimate Gifts

These gifts are in a class by themselves. They are sometimes at death, as in the case of a will bequest. Most often, they involve non-cash assets, such as real estate, business holdings or other estate assets. An ultimate gift calls for careful planning and usually requires the assistance of professional advisors. Gifts in the ultimate gift category represent a smaller but highly committed group of donors. Our planned giving department exists to help these friends complete their "dream gifts."

We value and appreciate every single one of our donors, no matter what category of gift they give. The health and effectiveness of OBHC depends on all of them.

We have an excellent brochure about wills and planned giving that is yours for the asking. Use the button below, or call our Vice President for Planned Giving, Neal Wooldridge, at (405) 570-9836 or e-mail Neal Wooldridge.

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Your gifts help provide hope to children and families.