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Neal Wooldridge

a word from Neal Wooldridge
Vice President for Planned Giving

Your Dream and Our Dream Weaver

Open door with a view of the cloudsWhat is your dream for making a difference at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children? Would you like to establish an endowment fund that provides a continual flow of annual gifts? Would you like to create a new department or program? Would you like to erect a new cottage for care of children…. or refurbish an older one? What is your dream?

Neal Wooldridge, our Vice President for Planned Giving, is a dream weaver. He specializes in helping our friends weave their dreams into reality. And he uses the tools of planned giving to do it.

For example, Mr. and Mrs. Dreamer want to continue their annual giving of $500 after they are both gone. But how? Dream weaver Neal introduces them to our endowment program and shows them how they can provide a bequest through their will or trust to create a fund that will help them realize their dream.

Another couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hopeful, want to establish a new program at OBHC, but they need the money to live on during retirement. Neal tells them about a charitable trust that lets them make the gift now and retain a lifetime flow of income. They are thrilled with the idea now and that the gift can be in place now and that the new program will commence when they are gone.

What is your dream? Whatever it is, our dream weaver may be able to help it become reality. Why not arrange for a visit to share your dream with Neal?

He will keep your confidence and honor your privacy. And he will apply his weaving skills to help your dream come true.

To receive a free brochure about planned giving and / or to arrange a visit with Neal, please use the button below, or him at (405) 570-9836 or e-mail Neal Wooldridge.

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