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Neal Wooldridge

a word from Neal Wooldridge
Vice President for Planned Giving

Wills, Willingness, and Willpower

Estate planning documentsHave you ever heard anyone say, “I want to die without a will”?  Nor have I. While some people may act like they don’t need a will, I haven’t heard anyone actually brag about it. That’s because people seem to agree that having a will is a good idea.

Actually, when it comes right down to it, no one dies without a will. State government has seen to that. Lawmakers have “written” a general will that stipulates how our estates will be disbursed – if we fail to do these ourselves. The problem is, they do not know our individual priorities and commitments.

So a personalized will (or other transfer document such as a Revocable Living Trust) is of great value. Not only does it provide peace of mind: it prescribes who you want to handle your affairs and who will benefit from your estate.

We in the Planned Giving Department of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children have discovered that many of our friends and supporters are quite willing to consider placing OBHC in their estate plans. They believe in our mission and want to invest part of their estate in our future financial health. The willingness is there.

Knowing the value of having a will and being willing to include OBHC is commendable and appreciated. But good intentions alone will fail to bring the peace of mind a good will can produce. Nor do good intentions lock in a bequest to an organization you care about. What is needed is action. And what will help produce action is willpower.

Willpower can help you use the power and freedom you have as an individual to make your own choices regarding the disposition of your estate. Willpower can also apply to your decisiveness and determination in getting a will in place.

Let this little message be a boost to your willpower and move you to action. Call your attorney and make an appointment. Use the button below to request more information. If we can help you in anyway, contact the planned giving office at (405) 570-9836. We have a wonderful resource to help get your will or trust accomplished through The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma. Do it today!

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