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Neal Wooldridge

a word from Neal Wooldridge
Vice President for Planned Giving

Oak Trees and Future Funding

Whether on a golf course, a college campus or the grounds of a stately mansion, large trees rising out of green lawns enhance the landscape and create a place of beauty. Birds nest in the branches and the shade blesses those who stand below. The right tree in the right place is delightful!

Large oak tree on a hill

At OBHC, we think endowment funds are a lot like trees.

They rise above the green grass of annual giving and enhance the financial landscape with added beauty. It allows OBHC to help more children in so many wonderful ways!

Just as an oak tree produces acorns each year, so our endowment funds provide annual payments to nourish some facet of financial need.  For example, a scholarship endowment will provide money to assist with educational costs. An operations endowment will supply annual “gifts” to help with houseparent salaries, facilities, and programs. A special projects endowment will underwrite important initiatives.

And like a giant oak tree, our endowment funds continue to grow as The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma invests to increase both appreciation and income for our children in the future.

Endowment trees produce and grow, and they endure.

Since only the income (all or part) is spent each year to meet the purposes of the endowment, the rest remains intact. This is why we use the term “in perpetuity” when we talk about our endowments. Like a protected oak or redwood, they last for ever and ever.

Would you like to know more about the endowment tree at OBHC? We have a complimentary “Planned Giving Brochure” ready to send you. Use the button below to request this no-obligation information, or call our Vice President for Planned Giving, Neal Wooldridge at (405) 570-9836 or e-mail Neal Wooldridge.

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