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a word from Neal Wooldridge
Vice President for Planned Giving

How to Make a Good Gift Better

More and more people are taking advantage of the many gift-planning options available today. These include bequests by will, revocable trusts, gift annuities, pool income funds, charitable trusts, gifts of securities and real estate, in-kind gifts, endowment giving and other possibilities.

Some gifts can be made to benefit OBHC now (current gifts) and others can be made now to benefit OBHC later (deferred gifts). Some gift arrangements are revocable (you can change your mind); others are irrevocable.

A planned gift usually requires more thought than a quick check written against monthly income. These gifts often come out of estate assets. You have to consider the impact of your overall financial condition. Can you afford a sizable gift at this time, or should you make it later by will? What is the best way to make this gift? Do you need temporary or lifetime income for your gift arrangement? What are the tax implications?

Careful planning can actually make a good gift better. Consider these potential benefits of planning your gift:

  • Maximize the size of your gift
  • Obtain life income from your gift
  • Optimize the tax-related benefits
  • Tailor your gift to a specific need
  • Protect yourself from hasty decisions
  • Increase your personal satisfaction
Help For You

Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children wants to help you make a good gift better. Our Planned Giving team can assist you in finding the best gift plan for your needs. We will explain the various options and provide helpful tailor-made illustrations. We will be sensitive to your financial needs and objectives, and will protect your confidentiality. We will also provide you with a unique filing system - the OBHC Family Organizer, which is a free service offered in the privacy of your home.

For further information about charitable gift planning, please contact Neal Wooldridge by email or call (405) 570-9836.

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Your gifts help provide hope to children and families.