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Vice President for Planned Giving

Good Will

 We all like people of good will. That's because they are positive, generous and enjoyable to be around. They tend to be cheerful and optimistic. People of good will make life more enjoyable for others.

A boy and his grandmotherThe term "good will" also applies to businesses and organizations. This intangible asset adds value to the more measurable aspects of facilities, products, programs and personnel. A business with good will enjoys a positive presence in the community.

The same is true of nonprofit organizations like Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. We have learned that a positive reputation goes a long way toward attracting volunteerism and financial support. We want to expand our good will for the children we care for as far and wide as we can.

"Good will" can also apply to planned giving. We express our good will through a good will. And a good will is a whole lot better than a careless or faulty will. Or even no will at all.

  • Name personal representative.
  • Possibly reduce or eliminate estate taxes.
  • Establish family trusts and name trustees.
  • Name guardians for minor children.
  • Designate who will receive personal items.
  • Make charitable bequests.
  • Care for special family needs.

By creating good wills, we create good will among those we honor through our wills. They will remember us for our foresight, generosity and thoughtfulness.

An ineffective, out-of-date will is, of course, a bad will. And such a will can create bad will among others, especially family members. It's far better to take the time and make sure a good will is in place.

As a person of good will, you will want a good will. Perhaps, for you, this means calling an attorney today to establish an appointment to prepare a will or to revise an existing will. If you don't know a good estate-planning attorney, ask Neal Wooldridge, Vice President for Planned Giving to come into your home at no charge to assist you. He will help you locate an attorney who can draft a good will or connect you with The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma.

We have an excellent brochure about wills and planned giving that is yours for the asking. Use the button below to request the brochure or call our Vice President for Planned Giving, Neal Wooldridge at (405) 570-9836 or e-mail Neal Wooldridge.

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