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Five Reasons Not to Die Without a Will

There must be powerful reasons to avoid having a will because so many people die without one. In case you happen to be one of the seven out of ten who will die without a will, here are five reasons to support your position. You can use these to help you sleep tonight.

1.  The court can do a better job deciding how to disburse your assets than you can.

2.  The court can choose a better personal representative to handle your estate during probate than you can.

3.  The court can choose a more caring guardian for your minor children than you can.

4.  The government will use your estate tax dollars more efficiently than Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children would use a charitable bequest.

5.  Your grieving loved ones will be better off looking after your affairs without your will.

Your friends at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children urge you to take action now. Your family will appreciate it.  The charities you support will appreciate it. And you will appreciate the peace of mind you get from fulfilling one of your most important stewardship responsibilities.

Like many people, you may be uneasy about going to an attorney. Yet, an attorney who specializes in estate planning knows the right questions to ask and the best way to help you accomplish your goals. These professionals are well trained and normally well worth the time and expense they require.

While you will still need to meet with your professional advisor for expert counsel, an advance meeting or two with an Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children development representative will prove useful and could save costs by helping you make the best use of your attorney's time. These services are available to you without any obligation whatsoever. You can contact our development office by calling (405) 570-9836. Caring for the disposition of your assets is too important to delay. It's important for you, for your loved ones, and for Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.

Would you like to learn more about making a will? Simply fill out our response form. And while you're at it, please let us know whether you have included (or intend to include) Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children in your estate plans. This information helps us plan more effectively for the future.

Contact the Planned Giving Department and ask for Neal Wooldridge at (405) 570-9836 or e-mail Neal Wooldridge.

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