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Neal Wooldridge

a word from Neal Wooldridge
Vice President for Planned Giving

The Circle of Ministry Friends

I have the privilege of meeting and working with many OBHC ministry friends. Three such friends are Liz Wright, David Robbins, and J.P. Williams, board members of the Computer Club of Oklahoma City. The club was chartered in the 1980’s as a volunteer organization dedicated to helping computer users help each other. This club has helped thousands of individuals and groups acquire the skills they need without any cost.

Liz Wright invited me to share with the Computer Club the computer needs at Boys Ranch Town. The computers at BRT were old and needed to be replaced. The Computer Club generously provided the funds to purchase eight brand new computers, eight printers, and eight monitors. Five of the computers were placed in five cottages at BRT, two went to the BRT computer lab, and one went to BRT Arcadia.
It is a great joy to see one non-profit group help another non-profit. The computer equipment provided by the Computer Club of Oklahoma City will help the boys at BRT in their school work and will help them acquire the skills needed in today’s work environment. I am very thankful that the Computer Club and their board are in the circle of friends who are making a difference for children.


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