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An Appeal to Plan Ahead

Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children would like to say, "Thank You!" to all military individuals for their willingness to keep the United States safe during times of war. During times whenever a military deployment takes place, we hear about a flurry of activity as service personnel rush to get their estate plans completed or updated. Attorneys are brought in to speed up the process and to make sure no one goes off to war without first setting his or her house in order. Having a valid will or trust in place becomes mighty important in the face of such danger.

Some people are "awakened" to the importance of estate planning when they prepare to vacation in a foreign land. Others may be prodded by a closer-to-home vacation that entails risk, such as a river trip down the Grand Canyon. Still others may be motivated to visit their estate-planning professional prior to their first flying lesson or other newly-acquired hobby.

Attorneys will tell you that other "will motivators" also include: a death in the family; serious injury or illness, and the birth of child. Planning your estate is such an important part of the whole stewardship and financial issue.

If you were to quiz every person you know over the age of 50 about the importance of having a valid will or trust in place, you would likely find 100 percent of them in favor of such prudent planning.

Everyone, it seems, agrees with the wisdom of having a current will. Yet 70 percent of society dies without a will or trust, and many others depart with a will that is out-of-date or invalid. Unless we are faced with a compelling reason to act, it is simply easier to wait until a more convenient day. For many, that day never comes.

Your friends in the Planned Giving Department of OBHC urge you to take the bull by the horns, as it were, and initiate the planned giving process of your estate. We believe the benefits for you and your family are too compelling to do otherwise.

If you need guidance with your planned giving, please feel free to contact OBHC. If there is anything else we can do to help accomplish this important task; we are available to serve you at your request.

For a free planned giving counseling session call (405) 570-9836. You may also e-mail Neal Wooldridge.

Sample rates for one beneficiary

(subject to change)

Age 65 (6.0%)

Age 75 (7.1%)

Age 85 (9.5%)

Age 90 (11.3%)

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