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Neal Wooldridge

a word from Neal Wooldridge
Vice President for Planned Giving

Age of Majority

It was not long ago that we were experiencing the excitement of my oldest child Katy graduating from high school and then enrolling in college. My wife and I went into an emotional tailspin as we were not yet ready for our first child to leave home. Our nest was losing one with two still at home. It was not an easy adjustment, but we knew she was in the Lord’s hands. It was after the completion of her freshman year that it became very apparent to me that my little girl was all grown-up and had reached a new level of maturity. I had made a trip to her campus and had lunch with her and her new boyfriend, Scott Townley. We talked and had quite a nice time. Throughout that conversation we even discussed all kinds of important information. She was nineteen, which meant I no longer had guardianship rights over her life. Our relationship was growing as she transitioned into a new stage of life.

Katy and ScottOne weekend at the end of her freshman year we went for a walk and talked about the importance of her needing an estate plan. She agreed and I assisted her with the help of the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma and a local attorney, Michael Entz of Weatherford. It was such a good thing for her to do at the beginning of early adulthood. A very important part of her future plan had been completed. Michael Entz prepared a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, and Living Will with Health Care Proxy. In this stage of life she is obviously not a wealthy individual, but her guardianship and her few assets are still important.

Things have now changed. Just about the time the dust settled in the Wooldridge family, I received a phone call from Scott, Katy’s boyfriend. He was asking for my blessing upon their marriage. He was already a part of our family, and it was with great pleasure that I agreed. As Katy and Scott begin to share the excitement of their future together, it is nice to know some important decisions have already been made. It is never too early to start planning. It is not just for married, aging adults. This is important for anyone 18 years and older, single or married. So if you need to know more about planning your estate plan, please call me at (405) 570-9836 or e-mail Neal Wooldridge.

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