Place of Welcoming

By Brooklyn Learned

“Therefore, welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” – Romans 15:7 (ESV)

Jennifer* became pregnant with her first child when she and Derek* were living with Derek’s mother, and neither of them had a job. They were young and did not know how they were going to provide for their baby. They had heard great things about Hope Pregnancy Center from Derek’s bother and decided to attend classes at the center.

With the help of Hope, they have now learned the fundamentals of parenting and have been provided with many resources to benefit them in their time of need.

“Hope helped us learn how to care for our baby when we had no idea what we were doing,” Jennifer explained.

Since Hope Pregnancy Center was so welcoming and became like family to them, they decided to return when Jennifer became pregnant with their second child. They were greatly impacted by the program again.

“Everyone was so welcoming and understanding,” Derek said. “All that we were able to get from Hope helped us beyond words,” said Jennifer thankfully.

Before attending Hope, they were scared and did not have much positive support. They were confused on how to care for a child, and they were confused in their faith. Now that they have Hope Pregnancy Center in their lives, they are both more confident in their parenting abilities.

“A lot of the things I have learned at Hope, I had no idea about before,” Derek said. “Without the help of Hope, we would not know how to provide for our children,” Jennifer declared.

“We have both been able to be the parents we wished to be, and it is only through the help of Hope Pregnancy Center that it has been possible,” said Jennifer. Jennifer said she, Derek and their children would not be at such a positive place in their lives today without Hope Pregnancy Center. She said being able to focus on pregnancy and parenting as some of their financial stress was lifted has been a such a blessing. “Not having to choose between getting our child the swing that soothes her or put gas in our car was a great help,” Jennifer proclaimed.

The support of the staff and volunteers has abundantly impacted their lives. Derek appreciates how Hope provides separate classes for the dads, helping him form close relationships in the program. He said the Bible devotions help him a lot in times of need. Jennifer said having people to talk to and to pray with is a nice feeling. After they graduate from the classes at Hope, Jennifer would like to give back and become a volunteer at the center. “I want to help others how Hope has helped me,” Jennifer said.

“Because of Hope Pregnancy Center, we have accomplished keeping a home and maintaining a safe environment for our children,” Jennifer said with gratitude. Hope is like family to Jennifer and Derek. Jennifer said she strongly recommends the center to all the new parents she knows, because she believes they, too, will be welcomed, supported and impacted as she and Derek have.

Jennifer and Derek’s lives have changed for the better, as Hope Pregnancy Center gave them a chance to become the best versions of themselves and by helping them to be a healthy family.

Derek said he is appreciative for people taking the time to help those in need.

“What you are doing is amazing, and we both are extremely grateful,” Jennifer said to those who help make Hope possible.”

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*Names have been changed to protect their privacy.