Who We Serve

OBHC does not discriminate on placement based on race, color, national origin, or religious affiliation. Children from all circumstances and backgrounds are accepted with love.

Children We Serve

  • Children from hurting families dealing with divorce, alcohol, drug abuse, sickness, death, incarceration or financial problems
  • Children without parents or parental supervision
  • Children with minor behavioral/discipline problems
  • Children in DHS custody (without payments)

We Typically Cannot Serve

  • Children severely mentally and physically handicapped
  • Children severely emotionally disturbed
  • Children who need drug or alcohol treatment
  • Children who have exhibited a pattern of causing physical harm to themselves or others
  • Children who are unwilling, unable or ineligible to attend public schools

Criteria for Placement

  • Children willing to accept placement and make an honest effort to overcome their emotional struggles or any negative behavioral patterns
  • Children who have the ability to positively interact with other children and adult caregivers
  • Children who are able to function in a public school
  • Children willing to attend a local Southern Baptist church

Each child’s situation is unique and all issues are carefully examined and discussed before placement is determined.

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Can we help?

Please visit our Referral page to make contact with an OBHC team member to learn more about placing a child in the care of OBHC.

Cost of Placing a Child in Residential Care

OBHC does not charge for its services or receive any state or federal monies for our services. Our ministry is a grace gift in Christ’s name from caring individuals and churches.