Oklahoma Women Help Children and Families in Need

Women of Compassion

Women of Compassion is comprised of women throughout Oklahoma who are passionate about the well-being of children and families in need. Membership to Women of Compassion is unique because it enables generous, community-minded women to be part of gifts that are collectively larger than most can afford to contribute individually. It is open to women of all ages and denominations who want to make a difference in the lives of children.

Women of Compassion benefits the many ministries of OBHC, which helps children who need a safe place to live, single mothers and their children trying to get back on their feet, clients who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, churches and families interested in foster care and middle and high school students in Oklahoma. Its mission is to demonstrate God’s love by providing hope through empowering children and their families to follow Christ.

OBHC ministries submit grant proposals for much needed campus updates, renovations, improvements, safety projects, new equipment and more. Women of Compassion join together at the annual Cups of Kindness event to vote which projects will be awarded grants. If members are unable to attend, they will be provided an absentee ballot so their vote will still count.

In previous years, Women of Compassion has awarded grants to repair broken infrastructure, provide storm shelters, security systems, remodel cottages where children live, funded vans to transport children, as well as new washers, dryers, computers needed for homework and many more projects.

The work of Women of Compassion is instrumental in making life-change possible. Great things are happening at OBHC in 2020, and everyone is invited to be a vital part. By joining, women are not only providing for material needs for children and families, but are making a much larger impact because these children know people all across the state love them, care for them and desire to see them succeed and experience the love of Christ.

Event Coordinator Shonda Flowers extends her invitation and excitement, “In 2020, Women of Compassion will have donated more than one million dollars to help provide hope for children and families in need. I invite women from across Oklahoma to come join us in this life-changing ministry.”

This year’s Cups of Kindness event will be Saturday, April 4 at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa. This event is a great time for worship, fellowship, food, and more importantly, awarding grants to the OBHC ministries that speak to your heart. For more about Women of Compassion or to become a member, please visit or contact Shonda Flowers at 405-735-8343.