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Admission and Placement

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The Application Process

When a request for services is received, the parent or guardian will be asked to help gather information to assist us in determining the child's needs. The application and other forms are to be completed as fully as possible and promptly returned to the appropriate office. In cases of divorce, separation, or adoption, the parent with legal custody must complete the application forms and provide copies of most recent legal documents. In order to adequately consider each request for service, we will gather and study information about the child from schools, ministers, previous placements or counselors, and from the child and other significant family members.

Our staff will then evaluate whether our program is appropriate to meet the child's needs, or if a referral to another type of program would be more helpful. If we feel that the child is appropriate for placement, the parents and/or guardians and the child will be asked to come to the campus for an interview. The parents and/or guardians should feel free to ask questions and encourage their child to ask questions also. If the child is accepted for admission, the parent or guardian and the child, along with the social service staff, will then draw up a Plan of Care to outline the needs to be met and services to be rendered. The child will be required to have a physical examination prior to admission, and legal documents will be provided at the time of admission for proper authorization of the child's placement, through either a parental contract or a court order.

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