My Life is the Evidence

by Sarah Edsall

If you have been following the ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) very long, you may remember hearing about a young girl named Henriatta Collins.

Years ago, due to some poor decisions made by her mother, Henriatta found herself without a place to live. After conducting some online research, she found Baptist Children’s Home (BCH), Owasso. Taking her future into her own hands, she made a life-changing phone call and asked the children’s home for help.

Soon after, she moved into a cottage with loving houseparents. Henriatta was known as a caring and capable student. Her houseparents described her as “always having a smile on her face” and “the kind of young woman who can do anything she puts her mind to.”

Henriatta recognized while at BCH Owasso
Former Owasso campus staff, Katie Jeffers Goodson, caseworker and Steve Singleterry, administrator, presenting Henriatta with an award.

Living at the children’s home, Henriatta gained much more than just a place to live. She was safe, loved, cared for, and ultimately received eternal life in Jesus. “I met the Lord while living at BCH,” says Henriatta. “I definitely had some difficult times in my past, but in that moment, I knew He had a plan for my life all along.” This gave her the confidence to graduate high school. attend college and obtain a master’s degree.

Pictured with Henriatta: her oldest sister (left) and her sister’s son and daughter.

Today, she is a licensed professional counselor, specializing in helping children. The friendly and compassionate personality God gifted her with, is now commissioned to help children who are struggling with difficult situations, just like she was in her early life.

As a young professional, Henriatta began praying God would direct her toward a deeper involvement with OBHC. Over the years, she has stayed in touch and involved, but she felt God calling her to do more. For about a year, she prayed, “Please Lord, open the doors, provide an opportunity for me to do more for these children,” says Henriatta. “I didn’t know how He would answer, so I was patient and one day the phone rang.”

That phone call was from OBHC President, Greg McNeece. He had been praying to fill a seat on the OBHC Board of Trustees. Henriatta’s experience as a resident, her professional work with children and her heart for the Lord made her a leading candidate for the position.


In 2020, Henriatta answered the call and became the youngest and first alumna of OBHC to serve on the Board of Trustees. She is thrilled to represent the welfare of children at OBHC from a former resident’s perspective. To her, it is incredible to see first-hand how many people God has brought together to run this ministry, and she is honored to be a part of it.

“The Lord’s faithfulness has never left me,” says Henriatta. “He was faithful when He brought me to OBHC the first time as a child, and again now, as He opened this door. His mercy for me is seen through every part of my life.”

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