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Helping Through Mission Projects

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Set a Goal.

It will probably be more successful if you set a church-wide goal – either a dollar amount or a certain number of participants.

Use Posters.

Put posters in high traffic areas of your church to publicize the project. Use the theme of the project to decorate and promote the project as well. Provide sign up sheets for classes and mission groups.

Start with a Bang!

Sometimes, a kick-off event, like a party or a meal, is another good way to publicize a project.

Spread the Word.

Encourage Sunday school teachers to tell their students about the fundraisers so that they can encourage their parents to participate.

Enlist the Pastor.

Remember that the pulpit is the most powerful place of promotion, so ask the pastor to encourage participation.

One-Day Projects

 • These projects need to be announced earlier than short term projects. The congregation needs to be able to put it on their calendars. They should probably be announced and put in the bulletin a month ahead of time.

• After the project, let the congregation know what was accomplished that day. Let them know when another project will be and encourage them to try to take part in it.

Short-Term Projects

• Two weeks prior to a short term project, explain it to the congregation and put up posters.

• One week prior to a short term project, use the bulletin and bulletin inserts to remind the congregation of the event.

• Report progress each week to keep current participation up and encourage later participation. It’s never too late to join in on a project.

Long-Term Projects

 • These projects need to be announced about a month in advance. It’s usually not something that needs to be put on a calendar but it might take some financial planning ahead of time.

• With long term projects it might be better to give progress reports in the bulletin.

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