Meet OBHC’s 2020 Graduates

We are so excited to honor the accomplishments of graduating residents at OBHC! Let’s celebrate the successes of each of those who have worked so hard to overcome obstacles and find success in school. Meet the 2020 graduates and pray for them as they look ahead to what their futures hold.


Owasso High School
Plans to attend
Connors State College and major in Early Childhood Education.

“OBHC has always been there for me. It was honestly the best six years of my life! They have helped me grow and mature so much.” To those who support OBHC, “I don’t want to just say you’ve given me a better future. That’s not accurate because I may not have had one without you. The truth is you’ve given me a future…period! Thank you.”


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of Central Oklahoma
Future plans include attending Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary to pursue a Master of Divinity.

“Staying at Boys Ranch Town has been a huge blessing for me. My time here has been marked by a unique sanctification that I’m not sure would have happened anywhere else. I am extremely thankful for the generosity of all those who donate and give to make opportunities like this possible.”


Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and Ethics from Mid-America Christian University.
Future plans include continuing to work at the law firm where she is currently employed and apply to law school to pursue a law degree. She plans to move into her very own home this summer with her son Ashton.

“Being here has helped me better myself, walk closer with God, and I have gotten to see that people are good! When you don’t have basic needs, how could you ever be expected to succeed in life? Just having those needs met has changed my life, and I hope one day to change others’ lives too.”


Epic Charter School
Plans to attend Job Corps, then enlist in the U.S. Navy

“My time with OBHC has been the only home I can remember. Things I have learned was how to care for others besides myself. I learned how to be a gentleman and how to handle and care for myself.”


Madill High School
Plans to attend Massage Therapy College in Durant

“OBHC has taught me how to manage my time wisely and helped me grow closer to Christ. Thank you to all of the donors who help OBHC, I could not have done it without you!”


Madill High School
Plans to attend Oklahoma City Community College and major in Broadcasting and Journalism

“I just want to spread the Gospel and change people’s lives the way people here have changed mine. There are so many out there who haven’t even heard the truth about God, that they can have Him for a Father.” To those who give, “You have such good hearts! You don’t have to do what you do, so I want you to know I’m choosing to be helped by it.”


Certification in Carpentry and Cabinet Making from Mid-America Christian University
Due to her success in the Children’s Hope program, she and her three children are moving into a transitional duplex as she continues to grow and work in the field of carpentry.

“OBHC has helped me by supporting me and celebrating everything I’ve accomplished. My relationship with God and my kids is closer after having a safe environment to learn and not be question or judged.”


Bachelor of Science in Entomology & Plant Pathology with an emphasis in Biology and Ecology and minor in Pest Management from Oklahoma State University.
Shane has been accepted to attend grad school at Oklahoma State University and
is still considering his options for education or work opportunities.

“My time at OBHC gave me the focus, motivation and skill set to get to college and work toward career goals. The guy I was skipping school with back then (before OBHC) is in jail for 15 years. If it weren’t for Boys Ranch Town, I’d probably be in the same boat.”