Inspiring the Next Generation of Women

If you have been following Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) for any length of time, you have probably heard about Women of Compassion. You may even be familiar with the projects completed throughout OBHC’s ministries since the group’s inception in 2014. From storm shelters to cottage renovations, air conditioners to sewage pipe repairs, vans for transportation to updated phone systems and pregnancy center resources – these projects and many more were only made possible through grants awarded by Women of Compassion. Since 2014, Women of Compassion has given more than $1,160,000 to impact the ministries of OBHC!

But who ARE the Women of Compassion? It is not an elusive or secret group. All women of any age or denomination can join. In fact, 2020 membership consisted of members across 30 Oklahoma counties, spanning from early 20s to 65+. Additional members joined from Texas and Arkansas. They come from all walks of life, varying backgrounds and denominational ties, but one thing unites them all – they care about the well-being of children and are generous with their time and resources.

One of Women of Compassion’s youngest members, 29-year-old Macey Martin shared her heart behind joining and experiencing a sense of belonging and shared passion with others. “I wanted to join Women of Compassion so that I could make an impact and connect with other women who desire to do the same.” Macey grew up attending the annual Back-to-School Style Show with her parents, and she attributes the stories she heard of how God uses OBHC to change lives as eye-opening and emotional experiences, creating a desire to give back. “As I got older and my relationship with the Lord matured along with it, I knew that being involved in this group of women was my opportunity to not only be a good steward of what he has blessed me with but also to demonstrate God’s love alongside an organization that is so evidently making a major impact for the kingdom.”

Macey is one of the youngest members of Women of Compassion

Macey not only loves the direct impact Women of Compassion makes on OBHC’s ministries, but also appreciates the opportunity to partner with other women. “It is an honor to be among so many diverse women through the Women of Compassion. I look up to them in so many ways and those older than I exemplify the type of Godly woman I desire to be at their age. These women are generous, loving, sacrificial and compassionate, but I realized I do not have to wait until I am their age to put into practice who I know God has called me to be. Being in my 20’s, I know I do not have much to give, but God can still use me! My donation may feel small but with these other women we can make a monumental gift to the homes with a large financial contribution.” 

Macey says one of the major points of convenience to be a member is that it does not require a significant time commitment. “The event is only one day of the entire year and membership does not require weekly or even monthly time commitments.” She desires to see more young women like her to make a commitment and join in 2021. For anyone hesitant to make the financial commitment, Macey understands the weight of the decision. “There is no doubt your contribution would help provide hope to these families who need it most. I believe God created giving to allow us an opportunity to be more like Him. I understand being hesitant to donate. Before I met my husband, I struggled with selfishness and thought God was only talking to ‘rich people’ when he mentioned giving in the Bible, but when we got married, we decided that we were going to be a generous family – generous with every resource God bestowed us. It does not come natural to us because it is not natural! We were all born selfish but through Christ I am born again generous, and my finances are just one avenue my family can choose to honor him! After all, it’s all His anyway.”

Get to know a little about other members, Tara and Sarah as they briefly share why they are invested in OBHC as Women of Compassion.

Tara Annesley

Sarah McCoy

As you have seen, being a Women of Compassion member is not a significant time commitment. All it takes is a willing heart. Your voice and your vote determine where the combined membership funds go to benefit OBHC’s four campuses, Hope Pregnancy Center locations, One Such Child program or general fund. Women of Compassion enables you to be part of gifts that are collectively larger than most women can afford to contribute individually.

Voting by absentee ballot is available for anyone who cannot attend the annual Cups of Kindness event scheduled for Saturday, April 10, 2021 in Tulsa.

Becoming a member is as easy as signing up online. You can even choose to pay your membership fee incrementally. Will you take the leap and join the 214 women who made this same commitment last year? You have a place to belong at OBHC! To learn more and register, visit our website.