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Surrounded by Family

"…We who are many are one in the body of Christ and individually members of one another." Romans 12:5

TimWhen his eighty-five-year-old adoptive mother could no longer care for him, Tim needed at least one person to stand in the gap. At OBHC he found many. Openly enthusiastic about everything he likes—or even takes an interest in—this friendly high school freshman is effusive in his praise of the “nice and patient grown-ups” who are now committed to helping him become a capable, caring Christian adult himself.

“I LOVE them!” Tim announces, inspecting the mechanics of his swivel chair. “They’re the BEST!”

Tim has lived at OBHC for almost two years. “I was kinda scared at first,” Tim admits, pushing his glasses up with one finger. “I had to leave my mom and family. They’re in a different state.”

Thanks to the other boys in his cottage, Tim adjusted to his new home quickly. “It’s fun living here. One of my new brothers, Josh, helps me. He tells me right from wrong. There’s another guy, too, that’s my brother and he watches and takes care of me. Then Blake, Fernando and I are big brothers to the other guys and help them with stuff.”

When asked what he likes best about living at OBHC, Tim answers without hesitation, “Having a family! We play games on XBOX, watch movies, go to places we haven’t been before like News Station Five, the police station and a missions place in Oklahoma City. We all go together.”

“My house parents are really fun and funny, too,” Tim continues. “They’re also nice. I call Mrs. Embry mom sometimes. Mr. Embry is still a big kid sometimes, but that’s good. We like it!”

Tim accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at Falls Creek last summer. “It changed me,” Tim says, his brow furrowed in thought. Since choosing to follow Christ, Tim is making better decisions and learning more about God everyday.

Mr. and Mrs. Embry are teaching Tim what it means to follow Jesus and showing him what the life of a true disciple looks like. “They teach me about the Bible every single morning,” Tim says, twisting his chair side to side. “They teach me not to steal, lie or cheat and not to look at bad stuff on the internet. They teach me to take care of my money so when I have a family someday I can buy food for them.”

When he grows up, Tim would like to be a bug collector, go fishing a lot and own a motorcycle. “I love ALL those! The bug thing happened the first time I saw a big ant hill at my mom’s house. I just had to dig and dig at it to figure out how it worked and where all the ants were coming from. They bit me, but I didn’t really feel it. So I started collecting all kinds of things, grasshoppers, crickets, weird beetles with teeth that pinch like this, rhino beetles with horns…I also keep snakeskins.”

Tim is not sure how he’ll make money from the bugs and things he collects, but is glad he has plenty of time to figure it out. To those who’ve provided him with a home and extended family to enjoy in the meantime, he offers his enthusiastic thanks. “Thank you so much for helping me have a better future. Without you, I’d probably end up in jail. I’d at least be a liar, and nobody likes liars!”

March 2018

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