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So Much Joy

"Let all who take refuge in You rejoice." Psalm 5:11

KristinWhen eighteen-year-old Kristin sets her mind on something, she pursues it with all she has, a trait that has and will continue to serve her well as long as she keeps seeking God’s will for her life. Just over a year ago, Kristin’s tenacity led her to OBHC.

“I wanted to come here so bad!” she remembers, expression earnest. “My mom and I had been arguing a lot, so I prayed over and over for God to put me here. My counselor and I talked about it, and my mom agreed it was a great opportunity. In the end, God answered my prayers.”

“I was nervous in my interview, though,” Kristin continues, shrugging at the memory. “I was surrounded by new people, but happy to have a chance at coming to live with them. I even cried a little just because of how bad I wanted to. They called me the same day and told me I could live here!”

It didn’t take Kristin long to adjust to her new surroundings. “When the girls came home from school, they were kind of staring at me—which is normal when there’s a new kid, I guess—but they also involved me in everything they did,” she says. “It only took a couple of days for me to feel comfortable enough to just be myself.”

Kristin has formed a special bond with her houseparents, Kasey and Brady. “They’re amazing,” Kristin says with a smile. “They can be strict sometimes, but I think they probably have to be. They are loving, caring and talk through things with me when I’m down and upset. They also help me when I’m confused about God or aren’t sure about Him.”

“Like last July,” Kristin continues, “I had a lot of doubts and didn’t feel connected to God. I talked to Kasey, and we went through the gospel. When Kasey and Brady felt like I understood and was ready to really give my life to Jesus, they helped me do it, and now He is my Lord and Savior. I know it. I don’t have any more doubts about God, and that makes me happy. I also don’t get frustrated as easily as I used to. My mom and I can actually talk things out now without getting so mad.”

Kristin credits her houseparents with much of the spiritual progress she’s made. “They help us with reading the Bible, praying and doing devotionals every morning. They also help me take notes in church.”

Kristin attends church with the rest of her cottage. “The other girls and I do a lot of stuff with the youth group there,” Kristin says. “We actually get along with a lot of the other students. We go on outings like United weekend and to McDonald’s. Right now, in Bible study, we’re learning when you trust God, He helps you do things you couldn’t ever do on your own and just because you’ve been on the wrong path before doesn’t mean you can’t change direction and make better choices.”

Kasey and Brady have given Kristin plenty of opportunity to learn life skills as well, both through hands-on practice and through observation.

“I do chores and know how to keep my room clean,” Kristin says. “I try to be responsible everyday. I also know what good parenting looks like. I really like the way they talk to their kids really calmly, even though there are four of them! Their kids are so sweet. I actually play with them a lot. We play horses, color in coloring books, paint, pretend dinosaurs, lots of stuff. They’re just easy to be around.”

Someday, Kristin hopes to become a police officer or an EMT and continue a long-standing family tradition of public service. In preparation, she plans to attend Moore-Norman Technology Center to become a certified nurse’s aid, but she’s in no hurry to leave the comfort and safety of her OBHC home. To those who have provided her with that home, Kristin offers her sincere thanks. “I love what you’re doing and remember you in my prayers every single day. I do! You’ve brought so much joy into my life.”

May 2018

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