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Singing with Strangers

TabithaNot one to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, *Tabitha was, nonetheless, moved by the gifts that she received as a resident of OBHC last Christmas, not because the number of gifts she received was staggering—which it was!—but because they came from people she didn’t even know. 

Even more special to Tabitha than the gifts from strangers were the campus visits from strangers. “I’m not really used to sharing emotional moments with people,” Tabitha explains. “I didn’t really know what to expect when the Christmas parties started because Christmas is a big deal, and we were going to celebrate it with strangers. I mean, the decorations on campus were cool—I think we had about a dozen trees, all decorated different and cute—and I knew that would help the mood, but I just wasn’t sure how it would all turn out.” Tabitha smiles and adds, “It turned out awesome!”

Smiling at the happy memories, Tabitha continues, “My favorite moment out of all of it was when a group of business people from an oil company came to see us. They gave us presents and just seemed so happy to be there with us and got all excited when we opened things. Then, we stood in a big circle and held hands with them and sang Christmas songs. I don’t know. It just warmed my heart!” 

“I don’t usually sing with people,” Tabitha explains, “but it felt good to do that and look people in the eye who were singing about the same thing I was and feel the emotion of being in that kind of group celebrating something so special. Some of the women cried. I think some of the men wanted to, but I didn’t see any of them do it.” Tabitha giggles. “I sure did, though.”

Still moved by the memory, Tabitha elaborates, “I don’t know why other people were crying, but I know why I was. I just felt so blessed, and it didn’t have anything to do with getting stuff. I felt like we were experiencing the true meaning of Christmas, being able to love other people because of baby Jesus. Christmas shopping and spending money and getting things may be Christmas to some people, but they never meant much to me. Just give me a bunch of moments like that one, crying and singing with people about Jesus being born!” Tabitha waves a dismissive hand and adds, “I don’t need anything else!”

 - Recently, Tabitha completed her plan of care and was reunited with her family.

December 2016

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