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Much, Much Better

"Walk with the wise and become wise…" Proverbs 13:20

MileyCurious, but cautious, eleven-year-old Miley takes everything in, but shares little until she’s completely at ease. A friendly little girl with abundant potential, Miley is gaining confidence in herself and others as a participant with her mother in the Children’s Hope program of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC).

“When I grow up, I want to be either a singer or an artist,” Miley says. “I like drawing and I love to sing. I sing at my church sometimes, and people say I’m good at it. I get nervous, but I love it.”

Miley and her mother came to OBHC just over a year ago. Once they’ve saved enough money, they will move into a duplex on campus while Miley’s mother focuses on reaching her personal goals. For now, though, the two share a cottage with a family advisor and several other mother-child family units.

“I like it,” Miley says with a smile. “I wasn’t sure if I would at first, but my mom didn’t like where we used to live. I didn’t either. It was a trailer park, and it wasn’t very godly.”

Miley is comforted with living at Children’s Hope. “Miss Stephanie is really nice,” Miley says. “Sometimes, she’ll make food for all of us, and we meet up and have dinner together. They’re all good people, and I feel safe with them around.”

Miley is grateful for the haven OBHC has proven to be. “I like that it didn’t take me very long to fit in here,” Miley says with a smile, her voice stronger. “I’m friends with all the kids, and we hang out and play. Sometimes we get a little competitive when we play games, but we stay friends.”

“It’s fun, and it’s just…calmer,” Miley continues, exhaling her relief. “My mom reads her Bible a lot here. It makes her happier, and that makes me happier. We go to Monday night class, too. They do Bible studies and stuff with the moms and then with the kids. My mom likes it. I do too. We learn a lot about God and about taking care of your money. After we are done, we play in the gym.”

Growing more and more enthusiastic, Miley explains, “Right now, we’re learning how to save money. We have a chore chart. What we earn, we get to spend in the little store they set up. It’s not real money. It’s tickets, but it’s still pretty cool. In Bible study, we learned Jesus died on the cross for our sin and he loves everyone equally.” Miley is considering what this gospel message has to do with her and how she will respond to it.

Free from many of the stresses that once side-tracked and taxed them, Miley and her mother are free to enjoy each other’s company at OBHC and get to know each other better. “I feel like we’re getting closer and closer,” Miley says, her expression joyful. “She’s different, but I’m different, too. I’m learning to treat others the way I want to be treated.” Miley pauses to weigh her words before continuing and offers a sheepish grin. Dropping her shoulders, she adds, “I have a bad side sometimes. If I get really mad, I can really scream, but I know how to control that now. It feels better.”

Although she had to make personal sacrifices to come to OBHC, Miley doesn’t regret a thing. “I liked my old school, but I like my new one, too,” she admits, “and being here has been really good for us. I wouldn’t mind if we stayed a long time. That’s not how it works, but I wouldn’t mind. I’m happy.”

Miley is grateful to those whose financial gifts have contributed to the uninterrupted happiness she’s currently enjoying. “Thank you so much,” Miley says. “It’s so nice of you to help us. I know when we get to do fun stuff, it’s because you gave us the money for it. You’ve made my life better.”

April 2018

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