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Happy Surprises

"…Under His wings, you will find refuge." Psalm 91:4

Brooklyn holding a favorite rabbit. An over-achiever by nature, twelve-year-old Brooklyn doesn't know how to give anything less than her all. Now that she, her mother and her two little sisters have come to live at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) as residents in the Children's Hope program, Brooklyn can relax a little, allow OBHC adults to help shoulder the weight of her mother's grown-up concerns, and focus on becoming who God intends for her to become.

"We've been here almost a year," Brooklyn says, posture perfect. "At first, I didn't think it was going to help and we'd just be going back to the same life we used to be living after a while." Brooklyn shakes her head and adds, "That wouldn't have been a good thing."

"When we got here, there were lots of surprises. I didn't think I'd get to live with my mom, but then I found out I could, and I was really happy. I didn't know we'd be living with other families, but we had to. It turned out to be a good thing. The other adults have helped my mom a lot. They've been good friends to her, and she's not crying anymore." Brooklyn smiles. "When she's happy, I'm happy."

Brooklyn sees and appreciates the extra effort made by OBHC staff to support and help her family. Kathy, family advisor to Brooklyn's mother, does what she can to make sure Brooklyn attends school regularly and stays involved in extracurricular activities, even playing the role of courtside cheerleader when occasion calls for it. As a result, Brooklyn is making straight A's and is on a basketball team made up of her peers.

"They're really good at doing their job," says Brooklyn, "They take care of us if there's an emergency. We know we can trust them and can always count on them. They'll drop what they're doing and make sure we get taken care of. That's happened several times. Because of them, I'm learning how to be that way, too."

"We also go to classes, the moms and the kids," Brooklyn continues. "On Monday night, they teach us about the Bible and money, not just separately, but together. We just learned about integrity. If you find money, it's probably not yours. You need to turn it in. Stuff like that."

Brooklyn hopes to be a nurse when she grows up. Her mother is an advanced certified nurse's assistant and a hero, in Brooklyn's eyes. "You know, she saved someone's life one time!" Leaning forward, she adds, "ON their birthday!"

However, adulthood is a long time away, and Brooklyn has too many other interests to give her future career much thought right now. "I like to draw and paint with my aunt," Brooklyn says, her demeanor carefree. "I like to draw people and draw long dresses on the girls I draw. I paint pictures, too, and sometimes make pots and stuff with air dry clay. Sometimes, I sing in front of people, and, one time, we did a little tap dance in front of everybody at school. I'm pretty good at ice skating, too."

Brooklyn also enjoys attending church with her mother and sisters and appreciates the church members who come to pick them up when they don't have a way to get there. "I like learning about God and Jesus and what they do for people," she says with a sincere smile.

To those who currently support Brooklyn and her family while her mother works to achieve personal goals, Brooklyn offers wide-eyed thanks. "My family is getting closer," says Brooklyn, "and my mom has been making a lot of progress. Since she's getting better, I know people can make good choices, and I my future can be different. It can be better. Thank you!"

July 2018

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For privacy and safety reasons, some residents' names and/or photos have been changed.

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