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Doing the Work

“…the one who looks intently into the perfect law of freedom and perseveres in it…this person will be blessed in what he does.” James 1:25

AngelA beautiful friendly bundle of energy, eleven-year-old Angel has enough personality for three girls. When asked to tell a little about herself, she jumps right in, settling her tiny self into an oversized chair.

“Well, I’m a good singer,” Angel begins, blue eyes flashing confidence. “I’m also a girl who believes in Jesus Christ and knows that nothing can ever separate me from God’s love. I like singing, acting, reading, dancing…” Angel puts a dramatic finger to her lips while she thinks, then adds with a full-wrist flourish, “and having fun. I LOVE to have fun!”

When asked if she’s having fun living at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Angel frowns, raises an eyebrow, and nods as if I shouldn’t have to ask. “Yes, ma’am! Of course! But I’m also working on me.”

One of “about twenty” siblings, Angel came to OBHC for the concentrated attention she could receive from OBHC adults while working on her behavior and attitude. “I wanted to come here,” Angel explains. “I thought it would help me with my problems. So far, I’ve been doing what my houseparents  say and respecting them and not getting upset when they tell me no.”

Three weeks into her open-ended stay at OBHC, Angel has high hopes for the impact what she’s learning will have on her family relationships. “I’m hoping to go visit my family and do good while I’m there so I can have more confidence in myself,” Angel confides. Dipping her chin to look out from under lightly curled lashes, she adds quietly, “It’s a little harder to do at home than it is to do here.”

Even so, Angel is anxious to show her mother how much she has improved and knows she has her houseparents  to thank for helping her make progress. “I already know a lot of what they’re teaching us,” Angel admits. “It’s not really new, but I needed to start focusing on it. I grew up in church. I know God is good and that He can make things happen and change your life around. I just need to let Him do it. We go to church and do devotions in our cottage and talk about how God’s boundaries and safety are good for us. That helps.”

Angel’s houseparents  are also teaching her valuable life skills. “We’re learning how to do chores and clean dishes and vacuum and mop and sweep,” Angel says. When asked if she minds the chores, she shrugs. “I like them fine. I need to know how probably.”

When she grows up, Angel would like to be a singer, actor, author, and scientist. “People say I have a good singing voice,” she explains. “I also like to read, and I figure that will inspire me to write books someday. I like to mix things to explode like a volcano and dissect things, too. I can’t really do that at home or people will freak out, so I’ll need to do that at work.” Angel’s mischievous smile lights the room.

In the meantime, Angel is content to let God mold her into what He wants her to be. “I want Him to change my ways and change my life,” Angel says, “so I can go home and spend life with my family.” Suddenly serious, she adds, “Plus, I want to have triplets someday, so I need to get all this figured out now.”   

For those who support OBHC financially so she and her new friends “can get things figured out,” Angel feels nothing but gratitude. “I really appreciate you guys. Without you, I wouldn’t be making any progress at all because there wouldn’t be anywhere for me to go to get better. Thank you!”

August 2017

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